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MCQ Image Processing

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Image Processing MCQ

1. The process of extracting information from the image is called as
a) Image enhancement
b) Image restoration
c) Image Analysis
d)Image compression
ANS: c
2.Among the following image processing techniques which is fast, precise and flexible
a) optical
b) digital
c) electronic
d) photographic
ANS: b
3. An image is considered to be a function of a(x,y) where a represents
a) height of image
b) width of image
c) amplitude of image
d) resolution of image
ANS: c
4. Which is the image processing technique used to improve the quality of image for human viewing?
a) compression
b) enhancement
c) restoration
d) analysis
ANS: b
5. Which type of enhancement operations are used to modify pixel values according to the value of the pixel ‘s neighbors?
a) point opera...
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