MLM Unilevel Plan

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MLM Unilevel Plan is a multilevel marketing compensation plan which allows distributors to earn money from every new purchasing of company product or on repurchasing of product. Unilevel Plan is also known as re-purchasing MLM plan. Through this plan company provide the commission to own existing Members or Distributors on every group sale. This is the best plan for product based companies who are saling own product online or offline.

 MLM Unilevel Plan software Packages

System Requirement: –Linux Hosting Server, MySQL Database,PHPLanguage Use:- HTML5,CSS3, DHTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL Database,JqueryFully Dynamic Package:-

  • One registered Domain name for 1 year.
  • Unlimited Linux Hosting for 1 year
  • Attractive Home page with sliding banner.
  • Online member registration form.
  • Member Panel.
  • Admin Panel.
  • 10 Other extra pages like about us, business plan, contact us, etc
  • Integrated link of Facebook Like Box.
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Admin Panel:

  • Announcement.
  • News Updation
  • Change Password
  • Plan Updation
    • Update Direct Income
    • Update Unilevel Payout
    • Set Daily or weekly Capping Pairs
  • e-Pin Generation
    • Generate e-pin (Plan wise separate e-pin)
    • View Generated e-Pin Reports
    • Transfer e-pin to Leader
    • Delete unused e-pin
    • e-Pin Checker
  • Member’s Profile
    • View Member’s profile
    • Update Member’s Profile
    • Change Member Login Password
    • Change Member’s Transaction Password
    • Member report
  • Member’s Genealogy Report
    • View Summary
    • View Downline
    • View Tree
    • View Direct ID of Member’s
  • Member’s Commission Report
    • View Direct Income
    • View Unilevel Income
    • View All Income
    • View Member’s Withdrew Amount
    • Accept Withdrew amount
  • Write a Mail Members

Member’s Panel:

  • Company Announcement.
  • Welcome Page
  • Member’s Profile
    • View profile
    • Update Profile
    • Change Login Password
    • Change Transaction Password
  • e-Wallet
    • Buy e-pin (Plan wise separate e-pin)
    • View Bought e-Pin Reports
    • Sale e-pin to Other Member
    • e-Pin Checker
  • Genealogy Report
    • View Summary
    • View Downline
    • View Tree
    • View All Direct ID
  • Commission Report
    • View Direct Income
    • View Unilevel Income
    • View All Income
    • Withdraw Amount
  • Mail Box (Conversation within Members)
    • Inbox Mail
    • Out Box Mail
    • Write New Mail
  • Support
    • Technical Support
    • Contact to Admin
    • FAQs

Frequently Asked Question:

Why i buy to you MLM Unilevel Plan software ?

Because our customers are happy with us due to following reason.

  • Our software and MLM website hosted on high speed server and use Latest technology in development.
  • Our software can join or register more than thousand members at the same time buy using different sessions.
  • We are providing Free Technical Support to our client
  • Our cost is lowest and in your budget.

What is the warranty of software?

100% warranty for life time.

How can i order MLM Board software or pay the cost of software?

You can order your selected Board MLM software product by deposit or transfer amount by using any one from the following payment option.

  • Cash deposit in bank.
  • Check deposit in bank
  • Bank Demand Draft.
  • Online fund transaction.
  • Bank Wire Transfer

After successfully payment you will be submit the order form with your payment details.

Can i pay the software cost in 2 or 3 terms ?

Yes, You can pay in 2 term (1) First installment should be Rs. 3000/- of Total Software cost in Advance. (2) Second and Last installment you will be pay after testing and Launching your software..
NOTE: If you don’t pay 2nd Installment on time. Then company will block your Member Panel and Admin Panel. And can charge 10% extra of total due amount per month.


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