Slipped disc – symptoms, causes and other complications


Slipped disc is also known as herniated disc.

The spinal column is made up of a series of bones (called vertebrae) that are stacked onto each other. From the top to the bottom, this column is including 7 bones in the cervical spine; 12 bones in the thoracic spine; 5 bones in the lumbar spine and they are followed by the sacrum and coccyx at the base. The mentioned bones are cushioned by disks. These disks are protecting the bones by absorbing the shocks from the daily activities, such as twisting, lifting and walking. We know that each disc has 2 parts – a tough outer ring and a soft, gelatinous inner portion. Also when there is weakness or injury can cause the inner portion of the disc to protrude through the outer ring. This condition is known as prolapsed, herniated or slipped disc. It is causing pain and discomfort. If the herniated disc compresses one of the spinal nerves, then you can also experience pain and numbness along the affected area. If this is severe, then you may require surgery to repair or remove the slipped disc.

Slipped disc symptoms

You should know that you can have a slipped disc in any part of the spine which is from your neck to the lower back. One of the most common areas for slipped disc is the lower back. The spinal column is an intricate network of blood vessels and nerves. The slipped disc can put extra pressure on the muscles and nerves around it. Here are some symptoms of slipped disc:

  • Tingling, aching or burning sensations in the affected area
  • Unexplained muscle weakness
  • Pain when walking short distances
  • Pain that worsens after standing or sitting
  • Pain that worsens at night or with certain movements
  • Pain that extends to your arms or legs
  • Numbness and pain which is most commonly on one side of the body

The mentioned types of pain can vary from one person to another. If your pain results in numbness or tingling is affecting your ability to control your muscles, then you should talk with your doctor.

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