“A Masterpiece of Self” by Neha Chauhan

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A Masterpiece of Self

See the miracle of god. ‘We’ being the best creation- become the most wonderful- when we start realizing the strength of real ‘Me’. No wonder to say –
“I am an Ocean – I am only emotion”; “I am a sound but why I am not so profound”; “Move ahead in search of your “Self” because Self is the Voice of Nation”.
I, a word which is related with you and me both, hold a bold and strong significance of yours and mine existence. It encompasses everything inside without uttering a bad word. We usually take care of those things which make our living smooth and help to live an affordable range of life. But, Have you ever understood – “I”, what actually it desires of.
Being a person, I feel thunderstorm of vision, mission, division and conclusion. When I think of something, I try to analyze every factor inside. I always start my day with a sky of emotions hidden beneath the layer of earth but can you relate this with yourself? Try it!
In a day, I come across variety of tasks to do with compassion, gratitude, anger, joy, relentlessness and etc. while making few others happy, few others sad and few with lots n lots of complaints. But believe me, when I lie-down after the whole struggle of the day, I usually ask myself – Are you Happy? Because my self was the only one who was there while collecting all emotions of happiness, sadness and complaints.
And you know what it says in return – I am happy, at least you did something for which you got a reason to get up next morning and do the required stuff. In turn I usually ask my Self – Do you need something or Is there anything like which you are missing while being with me?
No sound, the only answer which I get in turn of this question. That is the moment when I get filled with emotions of crying because God gifted me with a spirit which can feel all emotions in depth and give me a kick to do the best and offer the same to the world which in turn give me fame, glory and even respect as per my actions. But, the thing which makes me aware of keeping everything aligned, is the most alone personality – my SELF.
Before getting trapped into the worldly things, pamper yourself. Your Self keeps some expectations from you.
When God made me, He said my SELF that I am sending you with this person on earth because I feel He/She is the most suitable one to take care of you. When you will come back to me, you will be richer, pure and empowered due to actions of your carrier. Your all qualities will be recognized by him/her vividly and accordingly, he/she will make use of those qualities for welfare of others.
Now ask this question to yourself – Are we justifying this?
If you still did not get what I expressed, check out the link below –

and let me know in Comments- DID YOU LISTEN YOUR SELF ????


Creator : Neha Chauhan

15 thoughts on ““A Masterpiece of Self” by Neha Chauhan

  1. Really remarkable masterpiece. After reading this, one must realize the real meaning of self. God bless u dear and all the best for your future. Keep writing and always smiling 👏👏👏👏😃😉

    1. Thankyouuu mam for this wonderful expression and appraisal…keep supporting with your blessings always.😊

  2. Its awesome. Now, I have started to find myself. Hope more nd more videos like this will reach me to find myself one day.

  3. I have not read such a beautiful description of SELF ever. Wonderful. Keep going and shining like a star. Keep posting your stuff.

  4. well done👍 Neha mam, u r such a genious😎😎you are letting peeps to know their worth with ur great efforts …God bless you dear..May u make progress by leaps n bounds..✌️✌️

  5. Remarkable article written by Ms. Neha Chauhan. Hope everyone who is reading this, like it. Appreciate the effort done for this.

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