Corona updates


Life has stopped now . It seems that we are living back to centuries after a long mash-up. Everything has stopped on planet earth . Natural resources are our dire need. They are not locked down , sun , moon, stars, rivers , oceans, mountains and valleys are our friends. Birds are chirping in pollution free sky. It seems that whole world has come to heal itself after a huge loss. Humanity has been devastated by humans itself.

What is that who stops everyone?

It is a tiny small organism. A VIRUS..


It has been originated in WUHAN city of CHINA in 2019. It spreads at a rapid rate in almost all countries of world. It spreads by contact from one person to another, by touching eyes ,nose , by sneezing etc.

Coronavirus Cases in whole world






Coronavirus cases in india

Total cases :1071

Death :29

Recovered 100

30-3-2020 : 47 new cases and 2 deaths

29-3-2020 : 37 new cases and 3 deaths

28-3-2020 : 100 new cases and 4 deaths

27-3-2020 : 160 new cases and 20 deaths

26-3-2020 : 70 new cases and 8 deaths

25-3-2020 : 121 new cases and 2 deaths

24-3-2020 : 37 cases

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